What does a Doctor with a 25 year history of low back pain and sciatica due to disc problems do when he reaches middle-age? Accept that his weak back and unpredictable episodes of severe pain are simply inevitable, despite specialist medical opinion and physiotherapy?
Thankfully I found the alternative: Pilates with Annie Rees.
She explained the importance of improving core stability by targeting the pelvic and deep abdominal muscles in order to stabilise and strengthen the spine and thereby reduce the likelihood of pain. After the first session I was hooked.
Starting with very gentle exercises she developed a tailored, individual programme focussing on my specific problems. She always explained and demonstrated the exercises fully, monitored my progress, sought feedback and always ensured that I did the exercises correctly. A detailed programme of exercises for me to do in between the sessions has been crucial to my success.
14 months later I remain pain- free. My back no longer controls my life. I can play golf without struggling to move next day. My posture and fitness levels have improved. In short, life looks a lot better.
Oh, and I’m still a client of Annie. I heartily recommend you take the plunge and see what Pilates training with Annie Rees can do for you.
Doctor Paul Collins. April 2008.
I am not really a sporty person and for the first time in my life I have found an activity which I really enjoy and reaps maximum rewards for minimum effort. PILATES
I have been practising Pilates for about four years now and for most of that time I have had both the pleasure and the benefit of Annie’s One to One tuition.  For me one of the attractions of Pilates is that I don’t have to go to the gym!  Pilates can be practised without the use of expensive equipment or clothing.  All you need are little slots of time and some floor space, at home or away.  I use TV adverts to do a floor exercise or neck stretches while waiting for a kettle to boil. If I have more time I can extend the exercise session but you don’t have to do a lot at a time to maintain the current level of ability and a few extra minutes a day soon show results.
If the body feels stiff or uncomfortable there are various exercises you can do to ease the discomfort and aid recovery and Annie has always got ideas to tailormake the session to you as an individual and your situation.
I can’t speak highly enough of the enjoyment I have from practising Pilates and the pleasure form having a strong, toned body.
Judy Tunley. Feburary 2009
‘I attended Annie’s pre natal pilates classes from early on in my pregnancy all the way through to the week before giving birth. They are the perfect tonic for stress and tension and those inevitable aches and pains that come with being pregnant. Annie’s calm and friendly disposition always left me feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated after each session. She goes out of her way to cater for everyone’s individual needs. Her classes ensure you can keep fit in pregnancy through gentle but effective exercise and they are invaluable for strengthening those all important pelvic floor muscles! I would highly recommend both Annie and the classes to all.’
Rachael Phillips July 2010
‘Improved strength and stamina, a much better posture, greater flexibility and agility coupled with an improved golf swing. All of these improvements have been brought about for me with the regular use of STOTT PILATES. This has been done with the guidance and help of Annie Rees, a true professional whose disciplined but friendly and cheerful approach has been a great motivator to me. I would recommend STOTT PILATES as a form of regular exercise and Annie Rees as a teacher and coach to anyone, regardless of age.’
Charles Tunley. January 2009


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