BarreConcept workout

Barre Training is the latest fitness trend spreading the globe that has a celebrity

following including Madonna, Denise Richards and Natalie Portman to name a few.

This hot new workout is available in the UK and classes are now being run at the Pilates4Wakefield Studio.

What is it?

This increasingly popular exercise regime incorporates the precision of Pilates with the positions, moves, grace and technique of ballet. Add to this the alignment of yoga and the strength from sports conditioning and you will have all of the aspects of a typical Barre workout. The combined elements of the different methods fuse to form a challenging and exciting workout, which stretches and sculpts the muscles, whilst burning fat. Balance, strength, stamina, power, flexibility and motor control all improve. This workout produces dramatic results that sculpt and redefine the entire body, without even being a dancer.

The low impact, total body workout lifts the butt, tones the thighs, flattens the abs and sculpts the arms, whilst protecting the joints. Small isometric contractions are performed and integrated with an interval training approach that burns fat and improves cardiovascular fitness. Posture, flexibility, stamina and core strength improve. The result is a body that is realigned, rebalanced and works harmoniously and efficiently. Stretches are performed after each strength section of the class to ensure the muscles are re-lengthened to create a body that is strong without the added bulk of other BarreConcept workout regimes.

This workout is suitable for everybody as various adaptations are given throughout the class to suit the abilities of all students. As some exercise practitioners may tire or plateau with traditional yoga and Pilates classes, they often seek a new challenge and Barre classes can provide that logical progression. It can often bring a breath of fresh air to Pilates studios and attract new clients looking for the next new trend.

Background history

The origins of barre workouts have their roots in the Lotte Berk Method, a jewish ballet dancer who fled to London in the 30’s when she was banned from dancing on stage by the Nazis. Lotte became injured and used her dance training to help with her rehabilitation and hence the Lotte Berk Method was born. Celebrities such as Joan  Collins, Barbara Streisand and Yasmin Le Bon have pursued the method since the opening of her studio in 1959. Britt Ekland introduced Lydia Bach to Lotte and, after training with her, she opened her first studio in Manhattan in 1971 and purchased the worldwide rights. Sadly, Lotte died in 2003 at the ripe old age of 90. Despite her method being over 40 years old, it has enjoyed a recent surge in popularity.

BarreConcept Wokshop at the Pilates4Wakefield StudioBe one of the first in the country to take part in a Barreconcept class. This 90 minute workshop will introduce you to the BarreConcept techniques and then you will experience a 60 minute Barre Workout!!Date: Thursday 9th April
Time: 6.30-8pmCost: £10

Place are limited so please book early.

Here’s what the stars are saying about the workout :

“It just knocks your butt off” – Drew Barrymore

“Just got done doing the Bar Method. I’m dying!!”  – Dita Von Teese

“Bar Method is an ass kicker and I love it”  – Ricki Lake

“It’s incredible to start getting muscles in places on my body that I never knew I could get. I really do love my body now” – Kelly Osbourne

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